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Yoga Month Part III: Shake up your yoga style

AcroyogaSeptember is Yoga Month, and to celebrate, we’re catching you up on all things yoga every Monday through the month.

This week: Your guide to trying a new yoga style

If New York had a menu listing the yoga styles offered at studios throughout the city, it would resemble one of the 15-page spiral-bound types found at 24-hour diners.

And yet, most yogis stick to what they know and love—whether it’s a standard Vinyasa flow or a novel practice like Aerial yoga in a hammock.

In honor of Yoga Month, why not add something different to your yoga routine?

Get in some heart-opening poses at an Anusara class, or push your physical limits with Ashtanga or Bikram.

Feeling super adventurous? Add some outside elements to your yoga with a fusion class—get off the ground with AcroYoga, put some down in your dog with Breakti, or experiment with Brazilian martial arts in a Caponyasa class.

Another way to add some flair? Introduce a new element to your regular practice, like a blindfold or a renewed attempt at getting upside down.

By the end of the month, you’ll have a whole new bag of yoga tricks.

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