Yoga Shanti opens its third location

Colleen Saidman Yee's new Yoga Shanti outpost, in Westhampton, opens today—marking their second location in the Hamptons and third studio in total.
Yoga Shanti, Westhampton, Hamptons
(Photo: Yoga Shanti)

Yoga Shanti is expanding faster than you can say Om.

Today, Colleen Saidman Yee, the yoga luminary and wife of celeb yogi Rodney Yee, is opening her third incarnation of Yoga Shanti, in Westhampton.

Saidman Yee has long operated a landmark Hamptons yoga studio in Sag Harbor called Yoga Shanti. And the new Westhampton studio—outfitted with a gorgeous, gold tin ceiling and bright green walls—is right on the heels of her New York City studio, which just opened its doors in March.

“At end of a [recent] teacher training, one of our students was graduating, and he said ‘there’s this space in Westhampton that would make an incredible studio.’ And I said, ‘let’s make it a Yoga Shanti!’ And the exact same thing happened a year ago with New York,” says Saidman Yee, “We went into high gear, Rodney and I went to visit. We needed to Yoga-Shanti-fy it.” And it’s all been completed in just a few weeks.

There will be celebrations all weekend with an open house today and tomorrow, and a free class that will no doubt fill up in a hot yoga second.

When asked how the dynamic-yoga duo will split their time? “That’s the question. We will teach in Westhampton every once and a while, we’re not committing the same way we do with New York City and Sag Harbor,” Saidman Yee says.

So, I guess we’ll start playing a game of where in the world are Rodney and Colleen. But no matter where they are we doubt they’re slowing down at all. —Molly Gallagher

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