Yoga studios are the new nightclub

Fancy a little booty shaking with your vinyasa? By the looks of the number of parties on the scene, yoga dance events are the next big thing.
yoga dance party
Get Your Dance On (Photo: Aria Isadora)


High heels? Tequila shots? Late-night slice? So tired! These days, dance parties around New York City come with kombucha, raw chocolate, and are done in bare feet. That’s because the hot new dance club, it seems, is the decidedly anti-velvet-rope yoga studio.

There are two main yoga dance party varieties thriving in the city right now—the combo yoga-and-dance class, represented by Yoga Soundscape, and then the yoga class followed by the dance party called Get Your Dance On. Though fluidity between the two is really part of the experience.

Aarona Pichinson, who’s spearheading the Friday-night Yoga Soundscape event at Kula Yoga Project in Tribeca, says historically large-scale yoga classes with live DJs and a few musicians have organically grown into a dance or dinner party afterward.

The yoga nightclub that’s made the most noise to date is Get Your Dance On, with parties in L.A. and NYC, and which have cool factor you might not expect. (Unless you knew some of its supporters, like Sacha Lewis, co-founder of Flavorpill.)

yoga dance party
Get Your Dance On at Urban Zen (Photo: GYDO Facebook)

Like all the best parties in New York, Get Your Dance On moves venues. You might find it at Judson Church, Urban Zen, or at YogaWorks SoHo, which opens up two floors for dancing from 7:30 until midnight. Most nights there’s a rock-out area with DJs, plus a chill-out area for hanging with didgeridoo players and cellists.

Sure, yogis are bendy, but do they have, well, dance moves? Natasha Blank, of one Get Your Dance On’s founders, says “creating a rockin dance party is just a matter of banishing the inhibitions that block our natural rhythm.”

And she emphasizes that there’s plenty of ways to do that without waking up with a hangover.

“We do yoga first because it helps get us into our bodies and get the most out of dancing. And we dance because it makes us high on who we already are. We have the best possible food and drink so everyone’s fueled and feeling amazing all night,” Blank says. (Sponsors are often Gnosis Chocolate and various kombucha- and coconut-water makers.)

Get Your Dance On’s core audience is mostly yogis and hard-core dancers. But Blank promises the party, whose proceeds partly go to charity, is accessible to anyone. “At our last event, a guy who looked straight out of the Meat Packing club scene came up to me and said ‘I don’t know what this is, but it’s awesome!'” —Catherine Pearson

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