Yoga to the People will change its sequences to leave Bikram behind for good

In order to end a drawn-out legal battle, Yoga to the People will stop teaching classes based on Bikram sequences.
(Photo Credit: Allen Ying)

In order to end a drawn-out battle in court, Yoga to the People will stop teaching yoga classes based on Bikram sequences this coming February.

Bikram had sued the populist studio chain for copyright infringement because it had been offering “Hot Yoga” classes using sequences designed by Bikram Choudhury. Yoga to the People scored a victory when a court ruled, in June, that yoga sequences are not copyrightable, but to avoid a further battle in court, the studio decided to ditch the poses anyway in order to settle the suit.

“The parties have agreed that the sequence of twenty-six asanas and dialogue known as Bikram’s Beginning Yoga Class will, by no later than February 15, 2013, no longer be offered at Yoga to the People studios,” a joint press release announced.

Yoga to the People founder Greg Gumucio told the New York Times that classes will still be hot, but will include new poses and compilations.

And he detailed his decision to settle in a three-page letter posted on the studio’s website. “Intuitively, I no longer felt the need to be entangled in the Bikram battle,” Gumucio wrote. “I feel complete in the job I set for myself which was to free yoga from the destructive threat of copyright custody and ownership.”

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