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A yoga vacation in Morocco, Nicaragua, and Italy might cost you less than you think.


Ben Crosky, owner of SolYoga, which leads trips to beautiful places to practice yoga, recently debuted yet another yoga travel company, Yogascapes.

To develop the company, Crosky partnered with Dan Wilf, a yoga instructor and the founder of YOGANONYMOUS (a yoga-community resource site whose content you might spy on Well+Good from time to time).

Yogascapes has upcoming trips to Morocco, Nicaragua, and Italy and is meant to appeal to slightly less affluent mat toters.

“The trips are going to be a bit more on the playful side and at a lower price point than SolYoga, mostly starting around $1,395 [for a week],” Crosky says.

That could mean more pretty and peaceful places to lay your mat without draining your wallet. —Amy Eley

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