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Seane Corn
Seane Corn is known for her charitable work…and her Jersey roots.

New Jersey’s coast was particularly hard hit during Hurricane Sandy, and as it begins to rebuild, native yogis and fitness gurus are heading back home to help.

On December 22, celeb yogi Seane Corn’s charity Off the Mat into the World will co-host “Off the Mat, Into New Jersey” with Exhale Spa and the Atlantic City Alliance at the Atlantic City Convention Center.

Corn, AKA “jerseycorn1” on Twitter, will be joined by fellow New Jersey natives (and Core Fusion co-founders) Fred DeVito and Elisabeth Halfpapp, and Beryl Bender Birch (of The Hard and the Soft Yoga Institute) at the event. It will include a three-hour yoga session, contemplation of the devastation caused by Sandy and intention-setting.

A minimum donation of $25 is being requested, and all proceeds will benefit the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund and Global Green USA. Attendees can also bring toys and gift cards to be distributed to Jersey families.

And if you’re thinking of making a weekend of it, DeVito and Halfpapp will also teach a Music Yoga Flow class in Revel Resort’s lobby the night before, with proceeds benefiting hurricane relief. By Sunday, you’ll be seriously stretched out and brimming with holiday spirit.