You might actually be inspired by these calendar models

Samantha, Experience Planner, January (Photo: Hilton Head Health)
Hilton Head Health
Ms. January: Samantha, Experience Planner (Photo: Hilton Head Health)

Calendar models are often nice to look at, but aesthetics don’t tend to inspire or motivate when you know the person was blessed with model-level genetics and gets to devote a 40-hour work week to maintaining his or her perfect physique. (If only…)

So famed wellness resort Hilton Head Health introduced a new kind of model this year with its Look Well 2015 Calendar—its employees.

“When I first came to Hilton Head Health, I met one-on-one with each staff member,” explains CEO Michael Tompkins, who recently joined from Miraval, which he’d made an award-winning spa. “By the time I met with the first 25 employees, I noticed a pattern that the staff embodied personal well-being, and that the tools that they were teaching our guests they really practiced in their own lives.”

That realization sparked the idea for the calendar, in which, for example, “Mr. February” is a line cook named Andrew, and “Ms. November” is Lindsay, the in-house RD. All of them are pictured in the midst of active pursuits, like running, lifting weights, or doing yoga on the beach. For the record, they all look really good (and some are fitness instructors). But they still exude a more relatable air that may just make you want to make 2015 the year you master pull-ups.

Hilton Head Health
Mr. June: Anthony, Healthy Kitchen Manager (Photo: Hilton Head Health)

“The calendar is actually a celebration of the resilience of the human body and spirit, to encourage those challenged with trying to maintain a healthy weight, as well as to show what can be accomplished though proper nutrition and a dedicated fitness regime,” Tompkins says. Even when you have an all-consuming full-time job.

Plus, proceeds from calendar sales will help someone who needs a wellness boost, contributing to a fund that allows a guest in need to attend Hilton Head Health free of charge. So you can feel good about that, too. —Lisa Elaine Held

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