You thought we were niche—the best gift guides for cyclists, runners, and more

We rounded up the best specialized gift guides from the wellness blogosphere.

healthy giftsObviously, we’re partial to our own Healthy Gift Guide, but there are lots of other in-the-know wellness peeps who have created specialized guides for every healthy person on your list.

We rounded up the best of the wellness blogosphere:

For the bike enthusiast: Velojoy’s 50 holiday gift ideas for city cyclists

For the runner: Losing Weight in the City’s What to Buy the Runner in your Life and Meals and Miles’ Holiday Gift Guide 2011: Runner’s Edition

For the ballet beautiful: Blisstree’s Practical Gifts for Dancers

For the do-gooder: Greatist’s 21 Charitable Gifts That Could Change the World

For the ethical vegan: Alicia Silverstone’s My Kind Gift Guide

For the gluten-free gal: The Healthy Apple’s Gluten-Free Holiday Gifts

For the natural beauty maven: Feelgood Style’s Organic Beauty Holiday Gift Guide

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