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(Photo: Sakara Life)
(Photo: Sakara Life)

Ready for your healthiest, most successful fall ever? We asked top wellness experts for smart yet simple tips that will help keep you focused, productive, and stress-free all season long—whether you’re on a land-a-promotion track or a healthier eating mission.

For your fall toolkit:

Danielle Duboise
Co-founder, Sakara Life

Spend more time naked! As we transition into a season of cold weather, time spent indoors, and layers and layers of clothing, we lose touch with our bodies, which results in the development of unhealthy habits all season long. I put so much work into keeping my body healthy through food, movement, breathwork, and love because I know that my body is the origin of all that I will create. Just as important as maintaining the health of my body is celebrating it, and I make a conscious point of doing so on a daily basis! Turn up the heat and spend some dedicated time in your beautiful SKIN. (What you choose to do post-strip is all up to you…)

Whitney Tingle
Co-founder, Sakara Life

If you’re a busy New Yorker, say, and want a productive fall, learn to outsource. Outsource your laundry, your housekeeping, and your healthy cooking. Focus on what you do best and leave the other stuff to the genies and magicians in those fields! Where does your time investment gain the highest returns? Focus your energy there. Not only will all your creations be so much more powerful and authentic, but you’ll also have more free time to hit the gym or have sex with your lover! You’ll be happier, more focused, and more efficient in the long run, which means more money in your pocket. —Jamie McKillop

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