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(Photo: Studio Roosegaarde via

When you ride your bike to work you get to see your city in a more direct, and often inspiring way. But what if the path itself was the scenery?

A few international cities are taking bike lanes to a whole new level—from a Van Gogh-inspired “Starry Night” lane in the Netherlands to a “super-highway” bike path in Denmark—they’re creating routes that totally awesome, safe, and actually get people excited to commute to work.

In case you’re not hopping on a flight to Europe anytime soon, take a ride down these beautiful lanes here.


SolaRoad, Netherlands

This bike path, made of solar panels, converts sunlight that hits the path into energy, which is then used to power things like street lamps (cool!).



Route c95, Copenhagen, Denmark

The city created a super highway for bikes—and hundreds of people, from more than 20 suburbs, use it to bike into the city every day. Think: mostly scenic views like forests and lakes (with useful air pumps for worn out tires along with way).


(Photo: Studio Roosegaarde via
(Photo: Studio Roosegaarde via

Van Gogh-Roosegaarde Cycle Path, Eindhoven, Netherlands

This solar-powered bike path was inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night. At night, stones covered in phosphorescent paint and LED lights glow, providing cyclists with a safe way to bike at night and a gorgeous view to marvel at (or to Instagram). —Molly Gallagher