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You’re invited to preview red flower’s Utopia candle collection

Red Flower Utopia Candle Preview

Please join us for one of our very special complimentary events to celebrate “the scent of transcendence”

Tuesday, December 6

Where: red flower, 13 Prince Street, Nolita (downtown utopia)
6:00–7:00 p.m. red flower Meditation Experience with Elena Brower

Join us for an intimate, utopia-inspired meditation experience with acclaimed Virayoga founder Elena Brower. Red flower’s boutique will be transformed into a meditation temple with zabutons, scent, and candlelight. Open to 20 lucky readers chosen at random.
To RSVP: E-mail [email protected] by November 28

7:15–8:30 p.m. red flower Special Shopping Opportunity with Yael Alkalay and Elena Brower
Meet red flower founder Yael Alkalay and Virayoga’s Elena Brower. Learn how to use red flower scented candles to guide and personalize your meditation practice, while sipping hot sake and enjoying the scent of Utopia. View Elena Brower “On Meditation,” one in a series of short films, launching in 2012.
To RSVP: E-mail [email protected] by November 28

All attendees may shop the red flower store at a special 20 percent discount. By RSVPing, you’re automatically entered to win prizes, such as red flower gift sets. 

 Save the date of January 19th for the official debut party at Barneys!
Stay tuned for more details at the beginning of the year.