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You’re the first to know—Well+Good is expanding!

It’s been exactly four years since we sent the first Well+Good email. And now we've got some big news to share with you...

Dear Awesome Well+Good Reader,

It’s been exactly four years since we sent the first Well+Good email. Back then, you could practically count all the cycling studios and juice bars in New York City on one hand.

In this short time, we’ve watched the wellness scene go from fringe to mainstream—and we’ve reported on it all.

Now the entire country, heck, world, is getting hooked on green juice, falling hard for fitness, and shopping for superfoods. And Well+Good went from being read by our families and friends to almost a million people each month around the world. (Thank you! We heart you!)

Never have so many people been interested in living a cool wellness-centered life—taking it seriously while having serious fun.

So on Wednesday, we’re rolling out our Anywhere Edition!

You can read it in the bathtub or in Berkeley, on a treadmill or in Toronto. But you’re going to want to read it.

To receive the new Anywhere Edition, not a single keystroke is required. It will come straight to your inbox every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Inside, you’ll find intel on the latest wellness trends, need-to-know food facts, and fitness advice from experts you love.

For our New York City Edition readers, nothing changes, except the days you’ll receive the emails. Every Tuesday and Thursday, you’ll get cool, timely info on the city’s wellness news and culture. And on Sundays, you’ll receive Action Plan, our picks for the best healthy happenings in the week ahead.

Our emails to you are going to look different, and prettier—we hope you agree! (We welcome your feedback at [email protected].)

We’re psyched to be expanding our reach and are honored to be “Your Healthiest Relationship.”

With gratitude and healthy high-fives,
The Well+Good Team

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