Yuzen: A new beauty box delivers a monthly taste of the spa lifestyle

High-end natural spa brands are the basis of the new delivery beauty box.


Monthly sample box services have been launching faster than you can check your mail, but Yuzen delivers a box that’s in a category all its own. The curated contents all have a high-end spa lifestyle vibe.

Behind the business is husband-wife team Jen Vaughan and Ted Ning. (Ning is Executive Director of the sustainability non-profit LOHAS, which has the participation of many green spas).

Yuzen is a Japanese word for the handmade paper that decorates the inside of the box, giving it an elegant, sophisticated spa-going feel. “In Japanese culture, quality is broken down into thirds—presentation, ingredients, and experience,” says Ning, who used to live in Japan. “We try to do this with Yuzen.”

So beneath the pretty paper, you’ll find high-quality natural and organic products. Our box included a skin-care friendly Primavera Revitalizing Face Scrub, three skinny tubes of gorgeous Lotus Wei Mists, dried mulberries from Kopali Organics, two biodegradable silken tea bags from Teatulia, and more. And most of the products are full size, not sample size.

That helps explain the cost of $26 per month for Yuzen, which is substantially higher than most on the market that charge $10–$20 per month. But Ning says that’s no problem, since each month’s box is valued at more than $60, and no yearly membership is required, so it can be sent as a stand-alone beauty gift box. We’ll remember that come holiday season. —Lisa Elaine Held

For more information or to purchase a box, visit www.yuzenbox.com

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