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Photo: Stocksy/Peter Bernik

Research shows that just two years ago, mentioning your non-meating-eating ways on dating sites curbed the likelihood that’d you find a significant other—but now, it’s actually a super-attractive quality.

The popular dating site Zoosk used data from its 40 million members to examine how dating changed in 2017. In addition to nice guys *finally* finishing first, a major dip in photo filtering, and the fact that mentioning guacamole can help get you a date, big news for people who love their veggies also emerged: In 2015, mentioning you’re a vegetarian got you 100 percent fewer replies (ouch!)—but now, vegetarians get 3 percent more replies and vegans get 62 percent more messages than the average person.

Mentioning you’re a vegetarian now gets you three percent more replies, and writing you’re a vegan in your profile gets you 62 percent more messages than the average person.

Though being a vegetarian or a vegan might have been turnoff in the past, now that the plant-based lifestyle is becoming more common, it’s easier to find someone who shares (or at least supports) your beliefs—whether that means being healthier, protecting animals, or helping the environment.

So, let your vegan flag fly high, and let love come your way. And, hey, maybe Whole30 or ketogenic dieters will soon have similar love luck.

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