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Gretchen-RoehrsGrowing up, your parents probably chastised you for playing with your food. But thank god Gretchen Röehrs’ didn’t.

A San Francisco-based product designer and fashion illustrator, Röehrs is also the creator of the popular Instagram account Groehrs, which features her drawings of women wearing crazy-creative dresses made from fruits and vegetables.

“I’ve been drawing with food since my parents first placed bowls and cups in front of me on the high chair,” Röehrs recalls. “My art now, if you want to call it that, is pure fun. There’s not a whole lot of meaning behind it, and I like it that way. I just want to make people smile!”

Röehrs says she is largely inspired by the “infectious food culture and exuberance for local produce in San Francisco,” and will browse farmers markets to get her next idea. “It’s sensory overload for me to walk through them and touch and smell all the fresh produce.”

Click through to gawk at some of Röehrs’ latest creations, and be sure to follow her on Instagram for even more foodie fun. —Jamie McKillop

(All photos: Gretchen Röehrs)


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