2016’s top food searches, according to Google

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Photo: Unsplash/Etienne Pauthenet

If anything accurately reveals what was on people’s minds in 2016 (aside from the election, of course), it’s their browser history—namely, their Google searches.

Thankfully, Google has just announced the top searches of the past year. They’ve crunched the numbers, looking at the terms that had the highest spike in traffic over a sustained period—and surprisingly enough, even though things like adaptogens and nootropics have entered the food landscape, many Americans are also curious about the calorie count of their fave fast food meal and how to perfect their guac. (Hint: It’s all about choosing the right avocado.)

And in a year when the news cycles were, ahem, chaotic, it looks like many of us were looking to the past for inspiration (in the form of Mom’s casseroles)—as well as to the uber-trendy present, with recipes featuring that cool restaurant staple, Brussels sprouts.

Take a peak at the top trending food-related Google searches in the U.S. last year. Some (or a lot of these) might surprise you.

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The top 5 calorie searches (as in, how many calories are in…?)

1. Big Mac
2. Coors
3. Quinoa
4. Glass of wine
5. Eggplant

Last year: The top search was for a toasted graham latte.


The top 5 recipe searches

1. Green bean casserole
2. Brussels sprouts
3. Hashbrown casserole
4. Guacamole
5. Chicken marsala

Last year: The top recipes were “pumpkin seed recipes” and “sweet potato fries recipes” FTW.


The top 5 diet searches

1. GOLO diet
2. Taco diet
3. Military diet substitutes
4. Atkins 40
5. Ketogenic diet foods

Last year: The Military and Atkins diets made the top five last year as well, along with the 20/20 diet, Carb Cycle, and Paleo.

What will we see next year? Fingers crossed for an uptick in night smoothies, nutrition balls, and fermented coffee. A wellness girl can dream…

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