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Avocado Toast_Cafe GitaneCafé Gitane

The storied Nolita café serves an amped up version of the classic recipe. It’s made with ”Healthy Loaf’” from Orwasher’s Bakery, avocados, lemon juice, chili flakes, and a touch of olive oil. The dish has become a house favorite, appearing on nearly every table and, almost as often, on Instagram. (Check #cafegitane for proof.) $7.25, 242 Mott Street, Nolita,

(Photo: Café Gitane)


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The Butcher's Daughter Avocado ToastThe Butcher’s Daughter

This trendy vegan cafe and juice bar makes its toast with fresh seven grain bread, smashed avocado, curry seeds, and curry oil—and serves it with apple slices. “We are definitely selling more and more smashed avocado toast,” says Butcher’s Daughter general manager David Ochoa Rodriguez. “Every month we have to increase the quantity. We actually have many people coming in and just asking for it.” May we suggest getting a popsicle for dessert? $12, 19 Kenmare Street, Nolita,

(Photo: The Butcher’s Daughter)



Empire Diner avocado toastEmpire Diner

Food Network regular Amanda Freitag heads up this restored Art Deco spot that shouldn’t be confused with a diner of the old-school, waffle-joint variety. She makes her toast with either pumpernickel or multigrain bread and avocado mousse with lime and whipped crème fraiche, tops it with thin slices of cucumber and diced fresno peppers, and drizzles it with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt. “‘Toast’ in general has been quite a popular thing…who knew?” she muses. “I think the popularity of avocado in general is on the rise. They are just so darn delicious.”  $9, 210 10th Avenue, Chelsea,

(Photo: Instagram/DaverDave5)



Navy Avocado ToastNavy

If you haven’t checked out this recently opened maritime-inspired Soho locale, here’s another reason. Navy makes its avocado toast with a toasted piece of cornmeal sourdough bread and mashed avocado—and tops it with pickled fennel, pickled mustard seeds, radishes, fresh herbs, extra virgin olive oil, Maldon sea salt, and chili flakes. “We’ve only been open since February, but I knew I wanted avocado toast on the menu…and guests seem to really enjoy it,” says executive chef, Camille Becerra. $10, 137 Sullivan Street,

(Photo: Navy/Instagram)


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