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spinach Salad with Roasted Fennel and GrapefruitThis week, we gave full control of our Instagram account to our friends at Tasting Table for a delish 24 hours.

From swoon-worthy breakfast bowls to a fruity nightcap, the crafty, food-obsessed team shared a day’s worth of favorite healthy recipes, all of which were picture-perfect and palate-pleasing.

Click through to see the artful dishes and get inspiration for a #tastytakeover of your own kitchen this weekend… —Sarah Sarway


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Spiced Dal breakfast bowl
“Join us here all day as we share a few of our favorite ways to upgrade your healthy eating life—starting with this spiced dal breakfast bowl.” Get the recipe, here.


Miller Union Juices
“Want a healthier, happier juice life? Think in color. We’ve got tips from the vegetable whisperer.” Get the recipe, here.


spinach Salad with Roasted Fennel and Grapefruit “Pro salad-building tip: Roasting lets fennel sweeten, while still holding onto its crunchy bite. Olives and grapefruit add brilliant balance.” Get the recipe, here


Fresh citrus “Winter #citrus fruits are the jewels in our snow-dusted crowns.” Get your guide to the season’s brightest citrus fruits, here.


herbal teas“We’re swooning for these caffeine-free herbal teas that won’t put our palates to sleep.” Read about them, here.


Ginger turmeric mocktail“Make the most of your mocktail hour with a health-boosting Mellow Yellow.” Get the ginger turmeric mocktail recipe, here.


Braised chicken thighs
“This healthy one-pot wonder, by Chef Marco Canora (of bone broth fame) comes together in just under an hour.” Get the recipe for braised chicken thighs, here.


Poached apples“Apples + poaching liquid + spices = a simply perfect fruit dessert.” Learn how to poach apples, here.


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