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Green juices and turmeric tonics have become de rigeur in some celeb circles, but we tend to spot them in the hands of the same healthy-leaning stars over and over again.

Think Gwyneth Paltrow, Alicia Silverstone, and Russell Simmons.

It turns out, however, that lots of celebrities who have gotten less press for their healthy habits are sipping on liquid kale and beet concoctions.

We rounded up this list of seven surprising stars who love their veggies cold-pressed. Find out who they are…

Photo: Can you guess which celeb is toting green juice above? Tell us, in the comments below!


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Owen WilsonOwen Wilson

This Wes Anderson regular doesn’t seem like he’d be a trend follower, but last fall, we spotted a shot of him in the NY Daily News clutching one of Organic Avenue’s bright orange bags.

He’s also been a client of Vitamix-loving nutritionist Kimberly Snyder, so we’re sure he’s blended her Glowing Green Smoothie more than once.



Nicole RichieNicole Richie
Richie was once famous for being dangerously thin, having a drug problem, and partying hard with her BFF Paris Hilton. But since she became a mom and started her new gig as a mentor on Fashion Star, she’s put an emphasis on getting healthy. In addition to working out with Tracy Anderson, Richie is a fan of Los Angeles’ Pressed Juicery.

“I am what you can call a juice fanatic,” she told “I always carry around a green juice. They provide lots of energy when I’m running around.”




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Mark TeixeiraMark Teixeira

You’d expect a professional athlete’s diet—especially a baseball player’s—to be all carbs and protein shakes.

But Yankee fave Mark Teixeira shed pounds before Spring Training this year by plugging in an at-home juicer. He got so turned on to the benefits of green juice that he became a partner in Juice Press, helping the company open new locations around New York and one near his home in Greenwich.



Blake Lively


Blake Lively

Lively plays entitled teenagers (Gossip Girl) and drug-addled ex-girlfriends (The Town) pretty convincingly, but the young actress is a healthy-living Liquiteria regular in real life.

She’s also been spotted with BluePrint juices. And it seems like juice gets passed around on the Gossip Girl set—Jessica Szohr is also a BluePrint fan.



Edward Norton


Edward Norton

This Incredible Hulk star may have had more than one reason for turning green (and super strong!).

Norton, who has also run the New York City Marathon, patronizes Liquiteria on a regular basis, which makes us wonder if he picked up the habit after dating Cooler Cleanse co-founder Salma Hayek.



kim cattrallKim Cattrall

Samantha may swear allegiance to cosmos, but Cattrall’s drinks are bound to be more green than red.

Cattrall is a BluePrint fan and has gotten nutrition advice from nutritionist-to-the-stars Oz Garcia, who shares green juice recipes with all of his clients.



Colin Farrell

Tough guy actor Colin Farrell has been spotted by FitPerez and lots of paparazzi cameras with juice in hand on numerous occasions.

Perhaps the Irish actor just can’t resist the green?



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