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Big news: You can now grab a signature Well+Good juice at Juice Generation

Juice Generation #99daysofsummer juice Well+Good Pin It

This year, we’re all about helping you squeeze every last drop out of summer, from each impromptu picnic to high-vibe backyard hangout. And now you can do just that, literally.

As part of #99DaysofSummer—our official how-to guide for living your best life all season long—Well+Good has teamed up with Juice Generation to bring you the ultimate sip for savoring the season: the brand new, seriously delicious #99DaysofSummer juice.

Inside each pretty-in-pink, limited-edition bottle is a dose of thirst-quenching watermelon and inflammation-fighting tart cherry.

And it’s an instant double tap. Inside each pretty-in-pink, limited-edition bottle is a dose of thirst-quenching watermelon flesh, inflammation-fighting tart cherry, and watermelon rind (touted for inducing glowy-skin magic). It’s top-notch hydration for days that feel infrared-sauna-level hot—and is even digestion-friendly, thanks to a twist of lime.

#99daysofsummer Juice Generation juice Well+Good

“Together with Well+Good, we formulated this super-hydrating watermelon blend to celebrate #99DaysofSummer, helping you squeeze the most out of every moment between Memorial and Labor Day,” founder Eric Helms says of the collab. “Packed with chlorophyll and antioxidants, it’s 16 ounces of USDA organic summer in a bottle!”

Grab it in Juice Generation coolers in New York City from now through August, and don’t forget to share your snaps on social with hashtag #99DaysofSummer. Juice cheers boomerang, anyone?

Pro tip: Book it to Juice Generation for the limited-edition #99DaysofSummer in these summer-approved kicks, and cool off after in a dreamy mermaid bath.

In partnership with Juice Generation

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