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No one is immune to sugar cravings—not your SoulCycle instructor, not even Kate Middleton. Hey, it’s not easy to resist something that’s sweet and sparkly. But if you’re trying to cut back, it’s good to have some hacks in your back pocket, and supermodel Adriana Lima just revealed a really, really good one.

In an interview with The Cut she says she puts a little honey in her morning cup of coffee and it’s sweet enough to keep her from craving sugar the rest of the day. “I’m Brazilian and cannot leave without my coffee,” she says. “I do coffee with honey, because it stabilizes the sugar levels.”

As far as natural sweeteners go, Lima’s go-to is a good one. Honey is actually loaded with B vitamins, magnesium, and iron. Plus, it just might fight off annoying colds.

So there you have it. As morning rituals go, hot water with lemon is the reigning champ in the wellness world right now. But it might be worth it, for sugar-busting purposes, to add a coffee-and-honey a.m. interlude as well.

Speaking of sweet stuff, have you heard about monk fruit? It’s seriously trending right now. Or for more options, check out our guide to natural sweeteners.