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Breakfast Criminals releases blessed heart bowl Pin It
Photo: Breakfast Criminals

Smoothie bowls are one of the most productive and mood-boosting ways to start your day. Not only are you filling up on nutritious, hearty ingredients, but you’re also constructing the bowl, which allows you to express your artistic side and post a double-tap-worthy Instagram. Through her digital platform Breakfast CriminalsKsenia Avdulova inconspicuously became an Instagram omnipresence, thanks in large part to her signature heart-shaped bowl and tasty smoothie recipes. Today, Breakfast Criminals expands its bowl-print with the release of the extremely limited-edition heart bowls. Only five are available—they’re $175 each, and come with an activated crystal and palo santo incense stick.

Photo: Breakfast Criminals

The new bowls aren’t just aesthetically pleasing, though. Avdulova (pictured right), who regarded her first bowl as a reminder to start her day with love, spiritually took things up a notch with this update. Shaman and conscious lifestyle expert Alyson Charles, AKA @rockstarshaman, (pictured left) blessed the the new bowls (you can watch outtakes of the ceremony on Instagram), which Brooklyn-based artist Lisa Harper Kennedy made by hand.

The ceremony infused “the world’s most intentional breakfast bowls” with divine activations and energies, ultimately making them “a symbol of self-care and mindful nourishment,” Avdulova and Breakfast Criminals told me via email.

“[The collaboration is] a manifestation of my vision to bring the concept of conscious capitalism on the forefront of the wellness world. It’s also the next level of bringing together mindful ritual into how we eat.” —Ksenia Avdulova of Breakfast Criminals

And while $175 for one of these ultra-exclusive smoothie bowls (available on Facebook and Instagram) may seem steep, keep in mind that the 100 percent of the proceeds of the functional, blessed works of art also benefit the Bumi Sehat Foundation International, a nonprofit offering community health education and childbirth centers in Indonesia. “For me, it’s a really deep honoring and offering to the Mother,” Charles said of the ritual and the bowls meant to manifest love, sacredness, and joy. “To Mother Earth as she shifts, and also with the cause Ksenia found that we are donating all proceeds to: an honoring to human mothers.”

Photo: Breakfast Criminals

Avdulova added that a huge inspiration for the collaboration was to couple the terms self-care and self-love with a sense of philanthropy and giving back. “It’s a manifestation of my vision to bring the concept of conscious capitalism on the forefront of the wellness world,” she said. “It’s also the next level of bringing together mindful ritual into how we eat.”

While only five of these blessed bowls are hitting the e-market, a more functional, though less sacred, version is available for pre-order at $25—and it’ll probably just as effectively remind you to start your day with love (and a tasty breakfast).

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