You can now get your apple cider vinegar in K-cup form

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One of the most exciting things to happen to our mornings has been the invention of the pod-based coffee machines (besides the smoothie bowl, of course). But now you can get a little more wellness-y with your coffeemaker: you can now make your own apple cider vinegar elixir with the push of a button (and no clean up!) as well.

Newly available for your Keurig or pod coffee maker is Gargle Away by Nature’s Jeannie, an all-natural throat concoction (with a kick) made up of apple cider vinegar, Himalayan sea salt, organic honey, licorice root, lemon, Mediterranean oregano, and cayenne pepper (some of our favorite smoothie ingredients)—and said to be just as good (if not better) than any prescription throat relief (it’s organic, after all).

That’s because, as we know, apple cider vinegar is credited with serious healing powers: easing digestion, fighting inflammation, and working as a clarifying, detoxing tonic. Combined with the age-old (mom favorite) practice of gargling with salt water, this gluten-free recipe reportedly kills bacteria and deeply soothes any pain.

And you can get it at your local drugstore (or online)—some of which (CVS included) are getting in on the wellness trend and extending their healthy offerings to the increasingly conscious consumer.

While you don’t swallow it or take it as a shot (a lá Hilary Duff), all that’s required to reap the reputed health benefits is swishing it around in your mouth for 25 seconds, spitting, and voila: ACV FTW.

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