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Starbucks iced coconut mocha macchiato Pin It
Iced coconut mocha macchiato. Photo: Starbucks

As if gifting the world with its healthiest menu item to date wasn’t enough of a pre-spring surprise, Starbucks has added two new drinks to the menu—yes, two! Starting tomorrow, the coffee megachain will be selling (drum roll…) an iced cinnamon almond milk macchiato and a coconut milk mocha macchiato. So, how healthy are they?

First, the iced cinnamon almond milk macchiato. The almond milk is definitely a plus—it is said to be less inflammatory than dairy milk. And while cinnamon on its own has been linked to lower blood sugar levels, this drink uses it in syrup form (plus a sprinkling on top) with 19 grams of sugar per serving—which definitely puts this drink in the dessert category.

Starbucks iced cinnamon almond macchiato
Iced cinnamon almond macchiato. Photo: Starbucks

So what about the coconut milk mocha macchiato? Coconut milk is a good start, full of healthy fats. But, like the cinnamon almond milk macchiato, this one comes with sugary syrup. With four grams of sugar per pump, it’s the healthier option of the two drinks, and really isn’t too terrible for a sweet treat. (The American Heart Association recommends capping sugar at 25 grams per day.)

The verdict: Are they healthy? That would be a stretch. But the coconut milk mocha macchiato is fairly low in sugar—as far as yummy, chocolatey drinks are concerned. Put it this way: If your afternoon go-to right now is a mocha frappuccino, switching it out for this new drink is going to help you cut out a serious amount of the sweet stuff—and that’s a good thing.

Of course for the healthiest Starbucks order you can get, you can choose something off their secret menu. Or, whip up your own anti-inflammatory beverage

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