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avocado hummus Pin It
Photo: Colette Dike

Sure, you might be able to spot a perfectly ripe avocado in a flash and know how to cut one perfectly down the middle and pop out the pit with ease. But even if you’ve mastered making avo-toast and using the healthy fat in your smoothies, chances are, you haven’t tried this smart way to use the popular fruit yet.

Food Deco (which is out of Amsterdam)’s Colette Dike posted the gorgeous photo, above, of an avocado and in place of the seed, the pits are filled to the brim with creamy hummus. So smart, right? Sprinkled around the top are extra add-ons that lend texture and a little kick: think hot chili peppers, chives, sesame seeds, and edible flowers (as if it wasn’t pretty enough).

Just imagine these pretty “bowls” at your—suddenly way more Instagrammable—Super Bowl party.

Okay, one dish down. Here are two more: healthy, loaded sweet potato fries and superfood snacks for your Super Bowl spread.