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Listen up, coffee lovers: You might think you’ve tried all the healthy, cutting-edge versions (fermented, Bulletproof, egg), but even the most-buzzed caffeine fanatics haven’t gotten their hands on every noteworthy brew.

With National Coffee Day right around the corner (September 29!), there’s no better time to expand your java horizons—especially if you’re able to do it in America’s leading coffee metropolis.

After crunching data from the 100 largest cities in America, factoring in the number of cafés per capita, coffee costs, and beyond, WalletHub determined that the locale with the strongest coffee scene is none other than Seattle…i.e., where Starbucks originated.

Though it’s not wildly shocking for Seattle win the coffee title, the Pacific Northwest isn’t only area where you can grab a life-changing, potentially cancer-fighting cup of joe. (Or, at least one that’ll gift you a serious jolt of energy—but make sure you don’t have too much of a good thing!)

Bottoms up: These are the top 10 coffee cities in America.

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1. Seattle, WA


2. Portland, OR


3. San Francisco, CA

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4. New York, NY

Warming up on this rainy day. #latte #favoritemug #nolita

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5. Los Angeles, CA

Normal hours today. Here until 7. (📷 by

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6. San Diego, CA


7. Chicago, IL

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8. Denver, CO


9. Boston, MA

It’s a Cold Brew kind of day, then again, when is it not. 📸: @justlexicon

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10. Washington, DC

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