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Best of 2014: Most Intriguing Refrigerator Look Books

(Photos: Dave Asprey, Danielle Walker)
(Photos: Dave Asprey, Danielle Walker)
(Photos: Dave Asprey, Danielle Walker)

It’s been a big wellness year. And in case you’ve missed some of the highlights (while running marathons or making bone broth?), we’re highlighting our most popular stories of 2014 in categories like Good Sweat and Good Looks, plus the most controversial stories, most interesting Refrigerator Look Books, and more.

All of these “best-of” articles raised our readers’ heart rates (in a good way), making them click, comment, and discuss the topics with friends at the (Paleo or vegan?) dinner table. Some even inspired lifestyle changes to diet and workout habits.

Check out our top Refrigerator Look Books from 2014, here:

1. Melissa Joulwan
Get a glimpse of why everything changed for the cookbook author and blogger when she discovered Paleo.

2. Dave Asprey
The creator of The Bulletproof Diet sometimes eats 20 avocados in a single day with his family and serves his kids coffee and salmon for breakfast.

3. Danielle Walker
For the founder of Against All Grain, a tough battle with ulcerative colitis led her to a gluten-free and Paleo diet—and to turn her home into a test kitchen.

4. Gabby Reece
The former professional volleyball player and model shares her honest take on body image and what she eats with her totally gorgeous family at home.

5. Julia Turshen
The Brooklyn food writer behind oodles of celeb cookbooks is known for her cool and creative recipes. And you’ve got to see what she can do with leftovers.