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Best of summer: Healthy food and juice news

The must-read healthy food and juice stories you may have missed this summer—from the next big thing in natural hydration to mason jar meals.
Jordan Younger The Blonde Vegan
Jordan Younger, formerly known as The Blonde Vegan. (Photo: Tynan Daniels)

We assume you’ve been reading Well+Good religiously all summer long. But if you happened to enjoy a relaxing digital detox that involved poolside lounging, beach time, or sunset watching—and that caused you to miss a few (dozen) fabulous stories—we totally understand.

So, we’re rounding up our best stories of the summer to give you another chance to catch up before fall brings a whole other crop of healthy news.

Here are the must-read healthy food and juice stories you may have missed this summer:

Is maple water the new coconut water?
No, we’re not talking about the sweet, sticky syrup you crave at brunch. Meet the next big thing in natural hydration.

What happened when The Blonde Vegan wasn’t vegan anymore
The popular food blogger came out to her fans about an eating disorder that caused her to question her meat-free choices. Support—and vitriol—ensued.

Do you know your juice horoscope?
Learn which juices are in the stars for you, from Kiel Pollitt, who serves juice and astrology at the counter of his new Los Angeles hotspot, L.A. Juice.

5 brilliant, easy and healthy summer mason jar recipes
Since putting meals in mason jars is officially a thing—we share five hot (but actually cool) summer recipes that you can throw in a jar. Enjoy!

8 surprising good-for-your-gut superfoods you should be eating
You’ve been eating fermented foods for their probiotic properties, but what about their prebiotic cousins, which feed the healthy bacteria you’ve already got?