Better-for-you popsicles for hot summer days

It's hot. Thankfully, so are these new popsicles that cool your body temperature and your sugar cravings—with fresh fruit and few calories.
Brewla Bars It’s hot. Thankfully, so are better-for-you popsicles that cool your body temperature—and your cravings for something sweet.

Like People’s Pops’, the farmer’s market-fruit infused frozen treats that started the trend, pops in this new crop are made with fresh fruit, less sugar, and few additives. And many are vegan, gluten-free, and organic.

Grab one while you walk the High Line or start stocking your freezer now. —Lisa Elaine Held

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Brewla Bars Brewla Bars’ The Hero

Brewla Bars introduced its tea-plus-organic fruit pops last summer and The Hero, made with cherry, pomegranate, and red tea, is a favorite. The antioxidant-boosted pops come in at just 70 calories. In addition to the four flavors, co-founder Rebecca Dengrove says she’s working on two new ones set to debut in mid-July, with even more creative fruit combos.

You can grab singles at Pushcart Coffee and boxes at Whole Foods and Union Market. And David Burke Kitchen is even selling Brewla Bar cocktails for summer sipping.

Locations throughout the city,



fruit pops Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit Pops

Chloe’s bread and butter is its fro-yo without the yo—soft serve made with just fruit, water, and a touch of organic cane sugar, which you can order Pinkberry style, with much healthier toppings.

But the shop also makes Fruit Pops, which got an upgrade this summer, with a new size and shape. Right now, they come in five flavors—raspberry, banana, mango, tangerine, and strawberry—and three more will emerge from the ice box by mid-July. Every one of them is dairy-, gluten-, and fat-free.

Locations in Union Square and Water Mill,



Enlightened Ice Cream Enlightened Ice Cream Bars

If childhood cravings for Fudgesicles and Creamsicles resurface every summer, Enlightened offers a healthier ice cream-based bar. The company was founded by personal trainer Michael Shoretz, who worked on the recipe for three years. The bars contain only 70 calories and 3g of sugar (plus 6g of erythritol, which gets mixed reviews from nutritionists), and you’ll get a protein (milk protein isolate, which is a mix of whey and casein), and a fiber boost, too. Just don’t expect these to taste like the super creamy treat you remember—unfortunately, less fat also equals less flavor here.

At Whole Foods and various other stores,



Popbar Popbar’s Avocado Popsorbetto

The West Village’s Popbar bases its recipes on Italian gelato—in pop form. And its newest flavor, Avocado, is catering to urban dwellers who love their healthy fats. The team makes them in house with fresh avocados, water, and sugar. You can even order yours dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with almonds or coconut.

5 Carmine Street, at Sixth Ave., West Village,



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