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Even though 2018 is already more than a week old, it’s not too late to add another goal to your list: This is the year you’re actually going to remember to take your supplements.

And one small—and delicious—way to accomplish that is by incorporating your daily probiotic capsule into your easy breakfast. (Yep, it’s simple but also genius.)

BIOHM Whole Probiotics makes it easy because it’s made with capsules that are enteric coated. Translation: The powder inside can survive all the way into the digestive tract, so you can add it into your fave dishes like greek yogurt or gluten-free pancakes to give them a boost of gut-balancing probiotics. (Plus, it’s way more fun than just swallowing a pill.)

Want to give it a try? Check out our mouth-watering recipe for BIOHM probiotic-packed ginger pear muffins now for a make-ahead breakfast you can eat on-the-go.


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