Bliss launches the 3-day Happy Cleanse

Bliss Spa, which know a thing or two about purifying your pores, now wants to help clean up your diet with the company’s first-ever food cleanse.

Bliss Spa Happy Cleanse

Bliss Spa, which knows a thing or two about purifying your pores, now wants to help clean up your diet with the company’s first-ever food cleanse.

Called The Happy Cleanse (because you won’t suffer on it, Bliss swears), the beauty brand has teamed up with New York food-based cleanse company, Joulebody to create a 3-day clean-food menu. Each day includes two meals, two juices, and two “anytime snacks” that promise “transformation without deprivation.” It’s available at Bliss spas and online today and shipped nationwide. (No, you won’t have to tote it home in a blue Bliss bag.)

While the common denominator of most cleanses is three days of juice or liquid, Bliss says that’s akin to suffering in the name of well-being. Instead, The Happy Cleanse is based on a menu of nutrient-rich, vegan, and gluten-free foods. The point being that three days of small, healthy meals—in place of heat-and-serve lunches, office cupcakes, and restaurant dinners—allows your body to clean up its own act.

Bliss Spa Happy Cleanse Menu items
Some of the meals on the Happy Cleanse menu

“Other cleanses leave you feeling emotionally and physically drained,” explains Gina Leo, Bliss senior merchandising manager. To that end Bliss tapped Yvette Rose, founder of the Joulebody Cleanse, who waxes poetic on the power of detoxing to promote happiness. “Cleanses are part of the journey to seeking happiness, and when we detox, we look to release what’s slowing us down on our way,” she explains.

Rose says she got the feeling that Bliss had met with bigger, national juice brands, but her obsession with creating small, impeccably healthy meals—and her background as a yoga instructor and being eco-conscious sealed the deal. “They were game for my all-glass, mason jar packaging. I just don’t want to put any more plastic in the planet, and delivery meal services are typically so dependent on it,” Rose says.

She created the cleanse menu around the concept of happiness, considering science on what nutrients in our food stimulate it, and which promote healing. “A lot of recipes include ginger and turmeric because they’re great for your digestion, immunity, inflammation, and everything—like the Spicy Bean Burger Wrap & Carrot Ginger Sauce and Calming Lentil Chamomile and Spinach,” she says.

And to mirror the detox process, Bliss created the Happy Wrap spa treatment ($75 for 45 mins), exclusively for those on the cleanse. It uses skin-tingling fresh ginger on your body, followed by a Vichy shower, and a layer of replenishing moisture.

Ironically, this might be the first cleanse without a green juice. “My goal is to promote happiness, and people everywhere don’t necessarily like green juices as much as I do. So I made Beet Carrot with greens in it, which kind of masks the taste and is really replenishing,” she explains. The menu also includes Sexy Bites, which are 120-calorie cookies. That’s no doubt better for you than the brownies in the Bliss relaxation room. —Melisse Gelula

The Happy Cleanse,, $279 for three days

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