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Hearty, warming recipes are pretty much a necessity in February (bring on the cauliflower mac and cheese!). But at the first sign of balmier temps, you’re suddenly ready to drop the heavy foods and send your body on a clean-up vacay.

Here’s your head start: BluePrint®, the OG on the cleansing scene, is hooking you up with a clutch deal on all it’s classic cleanses and feel-good elixirs.

Such as: packs of greens-heavy blends. Buzzy morning beverages like Turmeric Tonic and Ginger Maple Tonic. And, yes, even the juicing pioneer’s signature cleanses, with six raw, cold-pressed sips per day.

All of it: 20 percent off. Just enter code FF2017, now through February 28. Happy detoxing!

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