How pea protein is changing the protein drink game



Sippable superfoods are a daily wellness staple—whether it’s your daily green juice, your post-workout protein drink, or your cold-pressed custom blend. But how do you keep your combos interesting? Welcome to Back to the Rootsour sponsored series with 1915 Bolthouse Farms™ where we’ll highlight The Buzziest Things in a Bottle Right NowAKA the talk of your (healthy) summer. All of these of-the-moment ingredients can be found in 1915’s delicious, organic, non-GMO concoctions, which range from cold-pressed juices to plant-based protein drinks. (See the previous installment here.)

The ingredient: pea protein

Whey, soy, and casein have been mainstays in the protein shake game for a while, but pea protein is the choice right now for many in-the-know foodies and nutritionists, who prefer its taste and texture—and love that it’s a 100 percent plant-based protein source.

What’s in it

The big draw of pea protein: its amazing amino acid profile. It’s also noteworthy for what it does not contain: lactose or whey—a major plus in our book, and good for those looking to eliminate dairy or animal-proteins from their diet.

Why it’s trending

Pea protein is seriously spiking in popularity right now—especially among athletes since it can help protect muscles against wear and tear. And while some protein sources can feel grainy in your mouth, pea protein is super smooth, and blends easily with other ingredients—making it a smoothie lover’s best friend.

To beat the summer heat, take a bite out of these icy coffee pops using 1915’s protein-powered drinks, which contain a blend of almond milk, soy milk, and small dose of pea protein. Find out more here.

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