The genius way this wellness exec sweetens her coffee and gets her protein

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Photo: Suzanne Ginestro


Suzanne Ginestro thinks about food prep seven days a week, literally—so she takes her fridge seriously. Monday through Friday, as the chief marketing officer and general manager of long-term innovation for C-Fresh (the new fresh food division of the Campbell Soup Company, which includes 1915 Bolthouse Farms™), she’s always thinking about good, on-the-go nutrition.

And on the weekends, she fills her fridge with prepped, good-for-you foods for her family. “Working all week long, I try to do my cooking on Saturday and Sunday so my fridge is loaded up for the week,” she says.

Ginestro lets us peek inside her fridge to see her staples, and reveals her very favorite Bolthouse Farms beverage—you know she’s had to have tried them all!

Keep reading for Ginestro’s genius coffee hack—plus a surprising way to use apple cider vinegar in your kitchen.

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Photo: Suzanne Ginestro
Photo: Suzanne Ginestro

I’m spotting lots of cooked and ready-to-eat foods.

Yes! That green stuff on the top shelf is homemade pesto, and on the shelf below it, covered up, is a tray of chicken and ribs. Next to that is some turkey meatballs, and below is some homemade zoodles—a bunch of thinly cut veggies.

Is that hummus next to the pesto?

Yep. My husband and I snack on that Garden Fresh Gourmet hummus almost every night when we come home from work and before we make dinner. I like to think of it as my appetizer. You’ll also spot some tuna salad on that top shelf. We’ll either have hummus or tuna salad with rice crackers while we get dinner ready. My kids like snacking on them too.

I’m spying a lot of probiotic goodness. There’s a probiotic powder on the first shelf and a gut shot on the second one.

I have a sensitive tummy, so I’ll take it in any form I can get it. I take a scoop of the powder in the morning and at night. You can mix it in water, but I just take it straight in powder form and drink water after. It’s absorbed quicker than probiotics in capsule form. And I also take the gut shot once a day, too.

And of course I see some Bolthouse Farms in there, specifically one of the new 1915 protein drinks. Do you have a favorite Bolthouse drink?

The one you see there is our 1915 Protein drinks in the chocolate flavor, but I’m pretty loyal to the vanilla. I use the vanilla in my coffee as a creamer instead of coconut or almond milk, and it tastes great because the vanilla gives it some sweetness. But my daughter likes to drink the chocolate one every morning just like a milkshake.

Bolthouse Farms Refrigerator Look Book
Photo: Suzanne Ginestro

That fresh fruit looks delicious. Is that for smoothies or to grab-and-go?

Without a doubt, you will always find bowls of fresh fruit every time you open my fridge. I go to the farmers’ market every Sunday, buy fruit, come home and wash it, and put it in the fridge. My husband and kids have been snacking on the watermelon chunks as is, but the strawberries are for homemade smoothies. I make smoothies every morning for my kids with strawberries, bananas, and either coconut water or orange juice. But my daughter also likes to use the berries to put on top of waffles or in some yogurt with granola. We eat a lot of berries in this house! And you’ll see some apples on the shelf below that. Most people keep their apples out on the counter, but my daughter and I like to eat them cold.

Is that some apple cider vinegar hiding back there?

It is. I’ll drink it straight if I feel like I need to, but I usually use it in homemade dressings. And someone also taught me a little trick: We get a lot of fruit flies here in Los Angeles and I have a lot of fruit on the counter, like bananas and avocados. But if you put apple cider vinegar in a little jar, cover it with plastic wrap and cut holes in the top, the flies will be attracted to the apple cider vinegar instead—not the fruit. It totally works.

And it looks like you have both full-dairy milk and a dairy-free product in there.

Yes, my kids use a lot of milk, so I always have organic milk. And the lactose-free product you see is kefir, which I use to make smoothies.

Bolthouse Farms Refrigerator Look Book
Photo: Suzanne Ginestro

What’s on the bottom shelf, above the crisper?

On the left, those are tortillas. We eat a lot of tacos. And next to that are rolls, which we use to make meatball sandwiches. On the far right are some probiotics for kids, which my son takes. And of course we have eggs. Every morning, my husband has hardboiled eggs and my kids have omelettes. We probably go through three dozen eggs a week.

Check out all of the 1915 Bolthouse Farms™ products—including Ginestro’s favorite vanilla-flavored protein drinks, at

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