The “it” healthy beverage of the year

(Photo: Mimi Cheng's)

When we predicted that bone broth would be one of 2015’s hottest trends, we knew the soup-as- health-tonic craze was simmering, but it’s reached a boiling point even faster than we could have imagined.

Now the uber beverage is ladeled out all over New York City—from a takeout window in the East Village to a healthy eatery in Tribeca—and the rest of the country is jumping on the trend, too.

To find out more, we shot two videos about the craze as part of our series with

In the first (above), learn how bone broth became this year’s “it” beverage.

Then, learn to make it yourself, at home. In the video below, Marian Cheng, co-owner of New York City’s Mimi Cheng’s (another NYC restaurant serving broth to the masses) shares an easy-to-follow recipe.

Happy sipping! —Molly Gallagher

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