The 10 breakfast dishes that make Well+Good readers excited to wake up

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If breakfast is, in fact, the most important meal of the day, it should be hearty, healthy, and delicious—and it certainly doesn’t hurt to be colorful and Insta-friendly. But falling into a breakfast rut can be easy. Sure, those overnight oats make for the perfect post-Pilates fuel, but after three weeks of the Same. Exact. Jar., you probably want to mix it up (no matter how delicious what’s on the inside tastes). So Well+Good turned to some experts for inspiration: you!

As it turns out, Well+Good’s Instagram followers have innovative go-to breakfasts. (I’m seriously salivating right now at the thought of chia-topped toasts, veggie-packed smoothies, and tasty tofu scrambles!)

Need some a.m. inspo? Here’s what your fellow W+G readers use for fuel, and, of course, to make every day tasty and healthy.

Read on for more of your favorite healthy breakfast ideas.

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1. Protein smoothie

“A smoothie made with spinach, frozen berries and cherries, collagen protein, half a banana or apple/ginger, and either Good Karma flax milk or Organic Protein almond milk.” —@terimcdonough

Photo: Stocksy/Davide Illini

2. Smoked salmon on an English muffin

“English muffins with smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, picked onions, and arugula.” —@kristine_theodore

Photo: Stocksy/Helen Rushbrook

3. Fruity overnight oats

“Overnight oats, always with coconut flakes, pecans, raisins, berries, and almond milk.” —

Photo: Instagram/@juicegeneration

4. Acai bowl goals

“The PB & Acai Bowl from Juice Generation, hands down.” —@sarahvaynerman

Photo: Stocksy/Studio Six

5. Savory oats

“My fave is savory oats with smoked salmon, dippy egg, steamed greens, sautéed mushrooms, and kimchi. So good!” —@eatspinrunrpt

Photo: Stocksy/Natasa Mandic

6. Protein pancakes

“Whole bran pancakes with ground flax, layered and topped with Greek yogurt, organic buckwheat honey, seasonal pureed berries, fresh whole cranberry sauce, orange juice, and a banana smoothie. And yes, coffee.” —@dmasnev

Photo: Stocksy/Trent Lanz

7. Lavender-honey, Almond-butter toast

“Ezekiel toast with almond butter, banana, and Michigan honey—especially lavender.” —@tiu.opalyogalove

Photo: Stocksy/Andrew Cebulka

8. Elevated avo toast

“Avocado toast with tofu and veggie scramble.” —@shaktifresh

Photo: Stocksy/Cameron Whitman

9. Protein-packed sweet-potato hash

“Toasted sweet potato topped with avocado, red pepper flakes, runny eggs, and turkey bacon. With a big coffee!” —@lesliejgw

Photo: Thinkstock/Kkolosov

10. The old classic

“Green smoothie!” —@kristaclementine

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