A high-tech Bulletproof Coffee shop is opening in Los Angeles

(Photo: Bulletproof Coffee)
(Photo: Bulletproof Coffee)
The new cafe will have a specially designed computer system to brew the coffee. (Photo: Facebook)

Angelenos need not worry about making Bulletproof Coffee at home ever again.

Dave Asprey, the creator of the now-famous butter-boosted coffee, is opening the very first Bulletproof Coffee shop in Santa Monica as early as the end of February. And it will have crazy, high-tech brewing technology, a ton of Bulletproof-branded ingredients, and other offerings Asprey says are meant to “upgrade the human.” Feeling energized yet?

“As a young man, I struggled every single day with being tired,” Asprey says. “I never knew a day was supposed to feel effortless and joyful. I want to show people that everyday can be like that through the Bulletproof Coffee shop.”

The Bulletproof menu

Converts praise Bulletproof Coffee, which contains “toxin-free” coffee, unsalted grass-fed butter, MCT oil or “Brain Octane,” and the option of collagen, for its ability to boost energy, focus, satiety—and, bonus, great skin.

To make it, the cafe will use a digitally controlled brewing system with metal filters that resembles the pour-over or French Press method, and the computer will precisely measure temperature, time, and pressure. The baristas here will be called “coffee hackers.”

Although grass-fed butter and coffee prices are typically high, Asprey says a cup will cost on par with a high-end latte.

Since Bulletproof Coffee is meant to be a meal replacement, the cafe won’t serve breakfast. There will, however, be a lot supplements available and a full kitchen serving a lunch menu filled with Bulletproof-approved choices. Specific food items are still in the works, but you can expect lots of vegetables, high quality grass-fed meat, and healthy fats. (Asprey himself eats 20-30 avocados per week with his family.)

(Photo: Facebook)
Dave Asprey outside the soon-to-open Bulletproof Coffee shop in Santa Monica. (Photo: Facebook)

You’re eligible for an upgrade

Besides the coffee, food and supplements, Asprey’s building some innovative “bio-hacking technology” into the shop that will be great for your overall health. He’s installing lighting compatible with your circadian rhythms, a Whole Body Vibration platform for muscle and bone stimulation (which you’ll actually be able to purchase), and there’s a small seating area where the furniture and flooring will be “connected to the earth.”

It’s an approach called “Earthing” that Asprey’s into because “studies show that when people don’t have the opportunity to connect to the earth they drop a static charge and it increases inflammation,” he says. “I want people to think, ‘I felt different when I was there,'” says Asprey, who resides in Vancouver Island, in Canada. “There is no limit to what we will do to make people perform better. This is a place to upgrade yourself.”

Asprey chose Los Angeles as the first location of a Bulletproof Coffee shop based on readership of the Bulletproof blog, but he says the team (which happens to include several of the original Starbucks corporate employees) is already working on other locations.

Just think, by 2016, the whole country could be Bulletproof. —Jamie McKillop

Bulletproof Coffee, 3110 Main St., Santa Monica, 90405, www.bulletproofexec.com

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