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Photo: Stocksy/BonninStudio

If 2016 was the year of Bulletproof coffee, 2017 is when everyone creates their own spin on the butter-based brew.

Case in point: “Bulletproof light,” created by Lauren Berlingeri, co-founder of infrared sauna studio Higher Dose in New York City. In lieu of butter, Berlingeri adds 1 teaspoon of MCT oil and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil to her coffee, plus a scoop of Lion’s Mane mushroom extract powder, she told the crowd at last week’s “Breaking the Youth Code—a Woman’s Biohacking Experience” event in New York City.

Not feeling hot coffee on a hot summer day? Berlingeri advises, “Once it’s brewed, pour it over ice or blend it together for the most amazing coffee iced frappuccino.” (Cue heart-eye emoji.)

“Coffee has such a strong taste that you can mix it with almost anything you want.”

Berlingeri says she got into the original Bulletproof coffee craze four or five years ago, but she found that filling her coffee with loads of butter didn’t make her feel good. With her “Bulletproof light,” she no longer experiences that spike-and-crash feeling coffee drinkers know so well.

And along with healthy fats, Berlingeri says she spoons in other ingredients for a super-nutritious brew. “Coffee has such a strong taste that you can mix it with almost anything you want,” Berlingeri says. “That’s where you should be putting your adaptogens, your mushrooms, your turmeric, your cinnamon—whatever you need to be taking—because you’ll never taste it. And then you don’t have to feel guilty about your coffee, because now it’s like your healthy friend.” Another add-in to consider: collagen protein. Because there’s no reason your healthy friend can’t also be a skin-care savior.

Busy Philipps has her own recipe for a skin-boosting morning beverage. Meanwhile, Bulletproof OG Dave Asprey is in major expansion mode