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Starbucks may want to watch out, because next-gen coffee innovator Bulletproof has officially staked claim on the OG PSL purveyor’s home turf: Yep, the buzzy company behind the famed buttery cup of joe opened its third shop today in Seattle.

Located in the South Lake Union neighborhood, the new hot spot is just about as healthy as it gets: All the grab-and-go options are Bulletproof Diet and ketogenic friendly, and you can even get your go-to brew of Bulletproof coffee beansBrain Octane oil, and grass-fed butter with a variety of add-ins, from collagen protein and ghee to cacao nibs.

All the grab-and-go options are Bulletproof Diet and ketogenic friendly, and you can upgrade your Bulletproof coffee with a variety of add-ins, from collagen protein and ghee to cacao nibs.

“It has been a goal to bring the flagship Bulletproof experience to Seattle customers, combining the unique products, technology, and service offerings provided by Bulletproof experts,” Dave Asprey, CEO and founder of Bulletproof, said in a press release, adding that the new store will allow more people to discover the potential benefits they can get by making small changes to their lives—in a coffee-centric city, no less.

And with Bulletproof’s help, those changes may come easily. Aside from the healthy coffee add-ins and menu items like bone broth, the new toxin-free shop also has your well-being in mind with an in-house whole-body vibration plate (AKA the Bulletproof Vibe, which lets you hack your strength and hormone balance), circadian-compliant lighting to help improve your sleep, and an electrically grounded floor in the seating area that reduces static charge and inflammation.

Great coffee and biohacking all in one place? Sold. And, according to a Bulletproof rep, a New York City flagship could be next up on the brand’s priority list…

Here’s how to make butter-less bulletproof coffee at home. And while you’re at it, try out these recipes from the Bulletproof cookbook.

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