Why Conde Nast editors will all soon be drinking Pressed Juicery

(Photo: Facebook/PressedJuicery)

Pressed Juicery has a fridge in Conde Nast and Equinox Brookfield Place

Cool California juice brand Pressed Juicery is moving East this month, where it will sell its juices out of refrigerators in the new Equinox Brookfield Place and around the corner in Condé Nast’s brand-spanking-new cafeteria in One World Trade Center.

Founded in Los Angeles in 2010 by three friends, the company has nearly 30 locations on the West Coast. While it isn’t opening a full Manhattan storefront (yet), this will be the first time its juices are sold in New York City (as opposed to ordering them online). The brand isn’t known for opening huge stores anyway; most are cute kiosks in hip malls across California.

“Ever since Pressed Juicery started, there’s always been a demand for our product outside of California. But in Pressed fashion, we chose to stay true to our roots and first perfect our product in our California retail locations,” says Hayden Slater, Pressed Juicery’s CEO and co-founder.

“We’ve always known that expansion to the New York retail market was in our future, but timing and location is everything and we’re thrilled to be offering Pressed Juicery at two retail locations in downtown Manhattan starting next week,” he says. To stock the fridges at Equinox and Conde, Pressed will ship juices from its production facilities in Brooklyn, which it’s been using for East Coast online purchases.

In the short-term, the two partnerships won’t likely lead to much public exposure across the city. But then, by putting the Greens, Roots, and Citrus blends within (manicured hand) reach of Vogue and Glamour, Pressed Juicery could be taking another approach to raising its juicy East Coast profile. —Molly Gallagher

For more information, visit www.pressedjuicery.com

 (Photo: Facebook/PressedJuicery)

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