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Candice Kumai’s fave recipes for amazing skin

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Photo: Candice Kumai

This January, as part of Well+Good’s (Re)New Year, famed plant-based and classically trained chef Candice Kumai is providing five weeks of healthy recipes to help not only transform your eating habits, but set you up for year-long success. Week One, she curated recipes specifically meant to clean your gut. Last week, it was all about power and energy—AKA meals that are as packed with protein as they are flavor. And this week, she’s crafted 15 beauty recipes so you look and feel your best.

Winter may be a great time to perfect your hygge habits, but it isn’t exactly kind to your skin. Not only has your complexion lost its tanned, summertime tint, but between outdoor windchills and all the artificial heat inside, chances are it’s feeling a little dry. The secret to getting that glow back isn’t spending your entire paycheck at Sephora—though they have some cult faves that will definitely help—it’s feeding yourself lots of hydrating, water-based foods.

I know, I know, you don’t crave salads in winter—you want hearty meals. I hear you. Same! That’s why I perfected a whole slew of meals that are both. Mixing the aforementioned hydrating greens—they’re key—with vitamin-rich fruits, nourishing grains like quinoa and farro, and even in homemade sushi (Yes, you can do it!), will ensure you get your fix. And of course there’s lots of omega-3-rich avocados used throughout the week, too—they’re linked to nourishing the skin and keeping it smooth.

As a former model-turned-chef who used to fight major breakouts, I also made sure all the recipes were dairy-free (for some, dairy can cause acne). If you’ve never thought you could live a life without cheese and milk, get ready: I bet you won’t even miss it. And because all of us beauties are crazy busy, there’s nothing complicated and time-consuming to make. These are the recipes I relied on while finishing my sixth (!) book, Kintsugi Wellness, coming out this April—I wanted you to be the first to know about it. My most personal book yet, it’s a Japanese-inspired guide to finding balance, joy, and good health. I hope these recipes will help you find all three—this week and all year-long—because that’s really what will make you feel the most beautiful.

Ready to get prep for your week of beauty? Here’s a grocery list with everything you’ll need. (If you’ve been following along with Well+Good’s (Re)New Year program, chances are you already have a lot of it at home.) Then, check out what you’ll be making below:

Beauty breakfast recipes

Beauty lunch recipes

Beauty dinner recipes

Here’s how to transform your year in more ways, including how to build strong, healthy habits year-round.

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