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Photo: Instagram/@brewbudz

Who ever would have predicted that marijuana and wellness would go together like leggings and (celeb-approved) sneakers?

Well it’s 2017, and life in a post-legalization (for some) world means moving away from the “Dude, where’s my car?” stigma and accepting cannabis as a wellness-approved mood-booster, anxiety-reducer, and anti-inflammatory aid. (Consider everything from cannabis-infused Passover dinners and cannabis cleanses to “Ganja Yoga.”)

And because the good times keep on rolling, the brand Cannabiniers just created the buzziest weed-infused product of them all: coffee pods.

It may be a low price to pay for a socially acceptable—and environmentally friendly—wake and bake.

Meet Brewbudz, the cannabis-infused coffee pods coming to the masses (or at least the masses where it’s legal). The coffee pods—which are also available in decaf coffee, tea, and cocoa varieties—are infused with anywhere from 10 to 50 milligrams of THC. (One dose of THC, per Colorado laws, is 10 milligrams.)

To use the pods, all you need is a standard Keurig machine—but the brew-it-yourself pods aren’t exactly street legal in most states thanks to weed legalization laws. Right now, the Brewbudz cups are available via dispensaries in Nevada, and they’re coming soon to Colorado and California.

A major eco-friendly bonus: Unlike other K-cups, these single-brew pods are completely compostable. According to Brewbudz, the pods are designed to break down in weeks, creating a fertilizer that’s non-toxic and returns to the earth instead of landfills.

A single pod costs $7, which is more than most cups of coffee, but may be a low price to pay for a socially acceptable—and environmentally friendly—wake and bake.

Cannabis-infused products are everywhere. Learn more about how weed can cure your PMS and how it can actually improve your productivity