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The stress-reducing, cannabis-infused adaptogen oil that you need in your life

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Graphic: Abby Maker for Well+Good

If you were a teenager who liked to partake in a certain green illicit substance, chances are you’d be very thrilled at the wellness landscape today—cannabis is now a dominant player in the health world, and being used to holistically treat anxiety, pain, and even your love life.

And, with an ever-expanding presence in the clean beauty scene, it’s no surprise that downtown-cool boutique CAP Beauty is launching a cannabis-slash-adaptogenic inner wellness blend aptly called The Daily Hit (which comes out tomorrow).

The oil is full of adaptogenic power players like schisandra fruit (an exotic super-berry), sea pearl, and immunity-boosting red reishi mushroom.

Meant to be sprinkled over your salad or blended into your a.m. smoothie (or whatever swirly mix suits your fancy), the oil is full of adaptogenic power players like schisandra fruit (an exotic super-berry), sea pearl, and immunity-boosting red reishi mushroom.

“We’re fascinated by the healing potential and bio-compatibility of cannabis,” says Cindy DiPrima, co-founder of the West Village-based natural beauty and wellness shop (which is opening in Los Angeles next month). While the topical CBD products CAP’s been selling have been a wild success (especially in terms of managing pain and calming your skin), she and co-founder Kerrilynn Pamer wanted to up the ante.

“CBD has some of the highest anti-inflammatories found in nature.”

“We wanted to take it higher and so we partnered with Apothecanna to develop an ingestible product,” DiPrima adds. “One that also incorporates adaptogens and medicinal mushrooms to create a single daily dose product that delivers vibrancy and balance.”

Jessica Assaf, founder of Cannabis Feminist, sees this product as a brilliant way to achieve beauty from within. “This plays off of cannabis’ ability to relax and allow you to de-stress, which is definitely one of its qualities,” she says. “Each ingredient is intentional—it’s a blend of herbs we know are good for us, so the cannabis only enhances the overall experience of inner wellness.”

The integration of reishi mushrooms is meant to give you energy and make you feel good, she notes. Then the cannabis itself has powerful benefits: “CBD has some of the highest anti-inflammatories found in nature,” says Assaf. “Feeling bad and stressed is inflammation, so these ingredients work together to create anti-inflammatory effects.” BRB, taking a hit via my kale salad.

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