These cashew milks are about to shake up your snack game

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Your day has been jam-packed, and squeezing in lunch was just not an option (been there). But instead of raiding your desk-drawer stash of chocolate—just add organic cashews.

Or, more specifically, BluePrint® Organic’s just-launched line of cashew milks, which are about to be your afternoon (or all day, tbh) snack of choice.

The creamy cashew milks come in three dreamy flavors: vanilla-cinnamon Nut & Bolt (yup, the OG BluePrint® treat is back—solo and as a delish part of the classic cleanses), blissful Matcha Nut, and buzzy Morning Thunder with cold-brew coffee (another classic update BP loyalists will love).

Plus, they’re totally chuggable on their own, and also make the perfect mate for smoothies or your go-to hot bev.

Here’s what you’ll get in each bottle: Organic chia seeds for omega-3 fatty acids, organic date butter for a touch of sweetness, and 8 to 9 grams of uber-satisfying plant-based protein. Here’s what you won’t: Weird fillers, gums, and preservatives. (Mic drop.)

Ready to try them all? Well+Good readers score 25 percent off with code BPWell.

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