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Photo: Instagram/@catherinezetajones

Not only is Catherine Zeta-Jones an Oscar-winning triple threat; the actress has also been very open about her 2011 bipolar II disorder diagnosis, making it easier for other stars to open up about their personal struggles too. And part of staying optimally healthy has a lot to do with diet.

“Through diet, [I keep] my body free of any inflammation inside and out.”

In a recent interview with W Magazine, Zeta-Jones revealed she’s pretty strict about her food and drink choices as a means rid her body of inflammation, which totally makes sense considering inflammation may be linked to the condition.

To keep her mental health in check, the Chicago star credits a few healthy choices: “Water, maintaining my pH balance, no alcohol, and through diet, keeping my body free of any inflammation inside and out.” And of course her love of cold-pressed juice and kombucha.

Aside from her anti-inflammatory diet, she also works out in ways she enjoys, like her “obsession” with swimming, tennis, Peloton, and tap dancing. Now that’s a diverse combo sure to beat any workout boredom.

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