Celebrity chefs want you to see what cooking would look like without water

Celebrity chefs charity water cookbookThe recipes in this new cookbook are missing a crucial ingredient: water.

Released this week, the Water Changes Everything Cookbook was created by Charity: water, and the organization tapped a roster of star chefs to create the 10 dishes included and draw awareness to the global issue.

“Without water, these dishes are noticeably incomplete, but the 663 million people living without access to clean, safe water face much harsher realities,” says Charity: water CMO Amy Vale, of the inspiration behind the project.

The downloadable cookbook includes healthy recipes of kitchen superstars, like Alice Waters’ Turmeric Tonic, Chloe Coscarelli’s vegan Southwest Chili, Cornbread Muffins & Whipped Maple Butter, and Kris Carr’s Calming Greens Smoothie.

Once you donate $30 (the amount they say provides access to clean water to one person), you’re able to download the version that includes the amount of water needed to complete it.

charity water cookbook

“Especially during this holiday season we want people to take a moment to appreciate what they have and in turn make a difference by donating on their behalf,” Vale explains. And they certainly found a creative, delish way to do it. —Lisa Elaine Held

Want to be more charitable? These nutrition bars give back, and your running obsession can help empower young girls.

(Photos: Charity: water)

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