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Big news: Our Daily Harvest collab just dropped!

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You hair is still wet and you realize you have about 30 seconds to eat breakfast. Do you A) skip it, B) grab a bland granola bar, or C) whip up a totally Instagrammable smoothie?

Newsflash: Option C is now doable. Introducing the Well+Good Edit, our editor-curated, superfood-packed collab with Daily Harvest, the next-gen meal delivery service that’s basically a life hack for busy women everywhere.

Inside each healthy delivery, you’ll score a seriously delish mix of smoothies, soups, overnight oats, chia parfaits, and nice-cream sundaes loaded with organic veggies (sweet potato! cauliflower!) and buzzy ingredients (turmeric! adaptogenic mushrooms!). Toss into a blender—or simmer over a stove—and voilà: you’ve got instant foodie magic.

And because you’re a W+G reader, you’ll also snag the exclusive debut of the Chai + Coconut smoothie *and* an avocado-themed keychain to declare your obsession with the world.

Use code WELLANDGOOD to get three free cups in your box, and get on it—stat!

In partnership with Daily Harvest

Photo: Daily Harvest