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The amount of time you spent outdoor grilling and living this summer might have left you wondering how to even eat during the months when it’s not as hot as an infrared sauna outside every single day. So, you relocate to the indoor kitchen until spring starts to rear its head, but culinary inspiration may still be lacking.

Fortunately, blogger babe and food magician Ella Mills, AKA Deliciously Ella, stopped by the Well+Good offices to give tips on dinner party hosting (watch here) and on how to transition your diet into fall (below).

Keep scrolling to read Ella’s tips for fall eating.

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1. Find your favorite one-pot hot meals.

It seems one-pot meals have been everywhere lately, and it totally makes sense why: They’re just much easier and much less fuss to make, cleanup-wise. Ella recommends figuring out your rotating repertoire of hot one-pot meals like chickpea chilis and stews, freezing them, and heating them up for dinner on days when you’re tired enough to consider ordering delivery.


2. For anything to be sustainable, it has to be enjoyable

Ella rightfully says that for anything in life—including fall eating, diets, and HIIT workouts—you won’t be able to stick to it if you don’t enjoy it. So when it comes to keeping yourself satisfied and healthy this fall, consider the “greatest hits” dishes (like maybe a stuffed pumpkin or turmeric scrambled eggs).


3. Get baking!

Now that your air conditioner is off and your hygge game is on, it’s the perfect time to practice your baking chops. How enticing does a banana buckwheat loaf or a spinach muffin sound right now?

For more fall flavors, try this baked sweet potato recipe or one of these toasty cauliflower recipes.