Does iced coffee really cost $6 in New York City now?

Foragers coffee station

If you thought paying $34 for a 45-minute workout was painful, then this news is really going to hurt (especially if you use java for a pre-workout performance boost).

According to a caffeinated writer at Gothamist, grabbing a large cup of iced coffee at Williamsburg’s Foragers will now set you back $5.99. (In fitness currency, that’s about eight minutes of indoor cycling, spin shoes not included.)

Why the steep prices? Blame it on the rise of cold brew. “Grady’s Cold Brew on tap is an option they started offering because ‘we got lazy brewing our own and this is better,'” reported Gothamist. “The guys behind the counter insinuated that people will pay more for cold brew, and that they have raised the prices accordingly.” At least it’s not as expensive as that $11 green juice?—Sarah Sarway

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(Photo: Ben Miller for Gothamist)

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