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HelloFresh meal kit delivery service review Pin It

We’re all *trying* to be more like the most productive women in our lives: as in, the bestie who always makes 6 a.m. boxing class or the coworker who Instagrams a photogenic dinner every night.

But there’s a shortcut (for the dinner part, at least). HelloFresh delivers farm-to-table ingredients and insanely easy-to-follow recipes straight to you, all in an insulated box.

Once 6 p.m. rolls around, leave your office, skip the grocery store run, and immediately change into your comfiest sweatpants to start cooking. With HelloFresh, you get super creative, simple recipes (and step-by-step image instructions) to turn around a next-level meal in just about 30 minutes.

Bonus: Get $30 off your first box—and know you have your dinner situation (deliciously) on lock. Get cooking today

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